Wind Ridge Farm

Pick-Your-Own Fruit

Picking Update

updated 8/27/14

Peaches will be ready late August or early September.  Please check back.   As soon as it is clear when they are ready, it'll be posted. Please see Picking Considerations below.

Blackberries are done for 2014.  Thank you to all who picked.

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Picking Considerations:

 1.  A food safety practice for good health is to avoid eating fruit while picking.  Even if it look spotless, wash before eating as microflora can overwhelm a digestive system.

2. Take what you pick. Check the fruit for ripeness before you pick (this includes everything your children pick).  If a fruit has ugly dents with no broken skin and you picked it, it's OK to take home.   If you see a bird peck  after you pick it and don't want it, you can leave it here.

3. No climbing the trees.

4. Watch your children. 99% of children who visit our farm are respectful and this isn't addressed to them.  Families with children throwing fruit will be asked to leave.

Do not enter the property if the farm is closed.  Sometimes the gate is open off hours for field help access and deliveries.