Wind Ridge Farm

Pick-Your-Own Fruit

Picking Update   5/20/15

Expected dates for first pickings (Our best guess):

Late June -  Blackberries

Around the second week in July - Peaches 

Consider checking this page, calling the hotline or checking Twitter before driving to the farm to make sure the farm is open.

The peach crop is set and barring natural issues, the crop will be large. Blackberries are in bloom and a large crop is expected, too. 

Please consider signing up for the email newsletter  which will be sent to you when the crops first ripen. 

After the first email, visit this page to stay informed because it is updated as soon as the next picking is ready, and is a good way to keep in touch. 

Other ways to learn about picking days:

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  These are updated regularly to announce picking days. 
Facebook does not notify all our followers each time we post the next picking.  If you want to be notified for each picking, Twitter is a better option because it still sends you each new post.
Hotline:  636-828-5900  We answer the phone during business hours and have a recording with the most current picking information when the farm is closed for the day.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and checks.